DIY Garden Stepping stones

  • Quick set Mortar
  • Mold for Stone shape old pie tin, round plastic container, plastic flower pot saucers, something that is strong but flexible
  • cooking spray
  • Embellishments for stone design: shells tile pieces, sea glass, beads, small stones, glitter, buttons
  • Outdoor Mod Podge sealer optional

 Mix up the mortar following the manufacturer’s directions. Spray the mold with cooking spray. Then pour into mold. . Then tap the side of the mold to get any air bubbles out. Let the mortar “set” in the mold long enough so you can gently push your embellishments into the material. Once all your embellishments are placed, let the entire piece dry thoroughly in a warm dry place. 24 hours is a safe bet although some may be dry before then. After Dried _ Pop out of mold. You can sand off rough edges if needed. And Seal with Mod Podge to Seal.

Tip : use cooking spray on plastic mold before filling to ease popping out stepping stone.


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