kid crafts

DIY Handprint flowers

  • white cardstock paper
  • paint in different colors
  • glue and glue stick
  • scissors
  • pencils
  • brown construction paper
  • washi tape
  • green craft sticks

pick out a paint color.  Paint the kid’s hands and make prints on the white cardstock paper. Leave and let them dry. Once the handprints are dry cut them out.  If the kids are older they can help with this step.  Now take the brown construction paper and trace out a pot.  Cut the flower pot out and grab some glue.  laid everything out on the paper before we started gluing.  I had to see how it would all come together on the white paper.  I had the kids glue down the green Popsicle sticks and then the brown flower pot over them.  Then they glued on the handprint flowers.  Last we added a little polka dotted washi tape to decorate the pot.  Now I had a beautiful spring craft to enjoy, but most of all, a great keepsake art project from the kids.

 Now write your message inside your card.


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